ScreenFloat – Power up your Screenshots

for Mac

Because your screenshots can help you do so much more.

ScreenFloat is a one-time purchase on the Mac App Store.
The app requires macOS Monterey 12.0 or newer (macOS 14 Sonoma recommended).
Currently localized into English, German and Chinese (Simplified).

ScreenFloat is part of the ESS Productivity Bundle (25% off).

Download the Press Kit here.

A screenshot is just a screenshot.
Until you use ScreenFloat.

Usage Tips | Get to know ScreenFloat 2

With ScreenFloat, you can capture and record your screen in various ways.
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Capture Screenshots

Using ScreenFloat’s default keyboard shortcut for capturing screenshots (command ⌘ shift ⇧ 2), you can select an area you want to capture, or press the space bar to capture windows directly.

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Record your Screen

Using ScreenFloat’s default keyboard shortcut for capturing screen recordings (option ⌥ shift ⇧ 2), you can select an area you want to record. Additionally, you can record your microphone, and your Mac’s audio.

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Timed Screenshots

Using ScreenFloat’s default keyboard shortcut for capturing timed screenshots (control ^ shift ⇧ 2), you can select an area you want to capture, or press the space bar to capture windows directly, when the timer fires.

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Easily Re-Capture Areas

Press-and-hold any of those keyboard shortcuts to re-capture/re-record the previously selected area, without having to painstakingly reframe it. Not only that, you can also re-capture frames from any of your previous shots.

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Create Shots from your Clipboard (be it images, videos, or text), or import  from your disk, your iPhone, or your iPad, all from the app’s menu bar icon, or by dragging to your Shots Browser.

Shots you capture float above all windows to help you keep things in sight and mind.
Pick colors. Run custom double-click workflows.
apple tv-4gen-siri-4k-2nd-gen-remotes

for your Screenshots and Recordings

One floating screenshot is worth more than a hundred on your desktop.
At least that’s what I’ve come to learn, ever since I first developed this app over 11 years ago (and have been using it ever since, along with many other happy customers).

When you float a screenshot or recording, it is always visible, no matter what window, (fullscreen-) app or Space you’re in, and keeps anything you capture always in sight.

Think of it as Picture-in-Picture for your screenshots.

The Shot floats on top of all windows, and follows you around your (fullscreen-)apps and spaces.

Color Picker, Custom Double-Click Workflows


Pick Colors

Option ⌥-right-click onto a floating Shot to pick colors.
Copy their hex, RGB, float, or HSL values, copy a color sample image, or drag the color to a target right away.
Recently picked colors are remembered.


Double-Click Workflows

With a double-click onto a floating shot, you can run useful workflows with it, like "resize it and then send it in an eMail", or “upload it to iCloud and copy the link to the clipboard".
Use various modifier keys, like option ⌥ or command ⌘, to set up multiple workflows.

Crop, “fold", resize, “de-retinize”, rotate, trim and mute your shots. Add annotations and markup.
Easily extract, view, copy and redact information like texts, faces and barcodes.

ScreenFloat detects Texts, Faces and Barcodes in your Shots
for easy extracting, viewing and redacting.


Detected Texts

Copy and redact* all text or individual lines with a simple right-click.

You can also (append-)copy individual lines if you don’t need all text in a shot.


Detected Faces

Quickly redact* individual or all faces in a Shot with a simple right-click.


Detected Barcodes

Barcodes are decoded so you can QuickLook, copy or redact* their contents.

Supports URLs, text, calendar events, vCards and more.

Using text-, face- and barcode recognition to copy, view and redact* data.

*Redactions (and all annotations and markup) are non-destructive, which means you can always change or remove them.

Annotate and Markup, Crop, “Fold”, Resize, Rotate, “De-Retinize”, Mute and Trim


Annotate and Markup

Annotate and markup your Shots, with freedraw, rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows, stars, checkmarks, x-marks, text, smart numbered lists, highlights and redactions.

It’s completely non-destructive - you can always go back and change or remove annotations and redactions.   

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Crop and

Crop Shots to the format you desire (or fixed aspect ratios like 16:9, 4:3).

“Fold” shots to remove entire vertical or horizontal sections and stitch the remaining two parts back together.

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Resize, Rotate,

Resize and rotate your Shots.
“De-retinize” them to lower their resolutions, i.e. from 144dpi to 72dpi to reduce their file sizes before sharing.

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Mute and Trim Recordings

Trim video recordings, or remove any audio if you decide you don’t need it after all.

Drag and drop floating shots to other apps as-is right away, or change their file format, quality and dimensions on-the-fly.
Export Shots in your desired file format, quality settings, and more.

Drag and Drop

Easily drag a floating shot to other applications from its document icon, or click it to change the file format, quality, dimensions, whether or not metadata or annotations / markup should be included, and more.



Exporting shots gives you full control over the file format, quality, and dimensions, whether metadata or annotations should be included, down to the filenames of the resulting files.


Copy, Open With, and Share

Copy a shot’s image data or file to your clipboard, open them with other apps, or share them.

Create iCloud links and share them instead of having to send large or multiple files.

Your Shots are stored in the Shots Browser, where you can organize, collect, name, tagrate, favorite and find your Shots.
Synchronize your Shots across your Macs over iCloud.

Shots Browser - Store, Collect, Find


Shots Browser

The Shots Browser is your screenshot center. Here, your shots are stored, and here’s where you can organize and collect them in folders and smart folders, as well as name, tag, describe, rate and favorite them.

Gone are the days where your Desktop is drowning in unmanagable amounts of screenshots.


(Smart) Folders

Collect shots manually in folders, or use Smart Folders to collect shots automatically with an extensive list of criteria, like whether a shot contains text, faces, or barcodes, or whether a text or barcode in a shot contains a certain phrase.


Find Shots

Storing Shots is fine and all, but finding them again is another thing entirely.
ScreenFloat makes it easy, offering you the same criteria for search as it does for smart folders.

Find Shots system-wide with Spotlight by their metadata, or their content, like in-image text or barcode data.

iCloud Sync


Your Shots, Everywhere.

ScreenFloat syncs your shots across your devices over iCloud.
That includes images and videos, annotations and markup, all metadata and tags, and (smart) folders.


Fine-Tuned Sync

Do you want to sync all shots? Only images? Or only video recordings? Or maybe only shots up to a specific file size?

You decide.

Tag Browser - Rename, Merge, Favorite, Delete


Better tagging

The Tag Browser gives you an overview over all your tags and allows you to organize them.
Drag and drop shots onto a tag or vice-versa, reveal all shots with a certain tag in the Shots Browser, or filter for favorite or specific tags.


Rename, Merge, Delete

Mistyped a tag? Don’t worry, you can rename it.
Duplicate/similar tags? Don’t fret, you can merge them.
Unwanted tag? Don’t despair. Delete it.

Automate taking screenshots and recordings with Siri Shortcuts.
Get quick access to your shots, folders, tags, picked colors and more with Widgets.

Automate with Siri Shortcuts


ScreenFloat Shortcuts

Import images and videos into ScreenFloat, manage your floating shots by hiding or unhiding them, and capture or re-capture screenshots and recordings with Shortcuts.
Give them a title, tags, notes, and add them to a folder on-the-fly.



Command and Control

ScreenFloat’s Command Module widgets allow you to start capturing and recording your screen, and give you quick access to the Shots- and Tag Browser.


Quick Access to Shots

Use Widgets to get quick access to favorite shots, shots in a specific folder, shots with a specific tag, recent captures, or floating shots you recently closed.


Colors, Tags, Folders

Widgets give you easy access to your recently picked colors so you can copy their values or a sample image, your folders so you can open them in the Shots Browser, and your favorite tags so you can access them in the Shots Browser.

And that’s not all.

Floating Shot Translucency

Move your mouse cursor over a floating shot and scroll up and down to change its opacity, so you can see what’s underneath.

Apple Pencil

If you have an iPad and an Apple Pencil, you can use Sidecar to add annotations and markup with your Apple Pencil more precisely.
Switch through your tools with a double-tap.

Hide and Unhide Floating Shots

While you can always close floating shots entirely,
you can also hide them temporarily when they’re in the way, and then unhide them when you need them again.

Ignore Mouseclicks

You can make floating shots ignore mouse clicks so you can click and drag through it. Perfect for drawing, for example.


ScreenFloat lets you print your shots, optionally with all sorts of information, like file- and image sizes, tags, titles,  notes, and the capture date.


With the Shots Browser’s Privacy enabled, all (smart) folders that contain hidden shots require authentication to be viewed.

And that’s still not all ; )

A screenshot is just a screenshot.
Until you use ScreenFloat.

Usage Tips | Get to know ScreenFloat 2


ScreenFloat – Power up your Screenshots

for Mac

Because your screenshots can help you do so much more.

ScreenFloat is a one-time purchase on the Mac App Store.
The app requires macOS Monterey 12.0 or newer (macOS 14 Sonoma recommended).
Currently localized into English, German and Chinese (Simplified).

ScreenFloat is part of the ESS Productivity Bundle (25% off).

Download the Press Kit here.

Please feel free to peruse - I’m the indie developer of a couple of other apps, like Yoink, Transloader, and Tameno.

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